Job Booster Enterprise CHAD and ESSOR support young job starters in the labour market

In Chad, unemployment is high. Especially among women and young residents of the country. French organisation ESSOR and Job Booster Enterprise Chad are joining forces. They want to support and guide 150 jobseekers, of whom at least 40% are women, towards employment. Unemployment among women and youth Unemployment in Chad mainly affects women and youth [...]

"I think this is the most sustainable way to bring about positive change."

Victor van der Linden, director Job Booster Enterprises: "I think this is the most sustainable way to bring about positive change." Victor van der Linden is convinced that the private sector and a business approach have an important role to play in developing the labour market in low- and middle-income countries. Since early 2021 [...]

Looking for market opportunities in Burkina Faso

"In the insecure context of the Sahel, you cannot rest on your laurels." The growing insecurity in the Sahel region worries him. Yet Benjamin ZIO, CEO of social enterprise Job Booster Burkina Faso, is optimistic. "Youth employment can be part of a solution to rising insecurity," he says. Together with his team, ZIO is working on job- [...]

Festive opening Job Booster Social Enterprise Burkina Faso

Entrepreneur Marcel PARE: "This company is very welcome for us, the young people of Burkina Faso." Over 40 invited guests attended the official opening of Job Booster Enterprise Burkina Faso on 26 January in Ouagadougou. Under the watchful eye of all present, the representative of the 'Maison de L'Entreprise', Mr Ousmane Dissa, together with Mr [...]

New website connects businesses worldwide

Launching website Job Booster Enterprises With the launch of its new website, Job Booster Enterprises connects companies worldwide. Western companies doing international business can instantly see what services Job Booster Enterprises offers worldwide. In addition to an overview of the countries in which Job Booster Enterprises operates, the website also conveniently presents which [...]