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RightJobs Philippines Inc

For talented but underprivileged young people in The Philippines, job opportunities are not readily available. At the same time, many organizations are unable to find and retain the right talent.

We support talented young people and make the match between talent and openings in the market. We connect employers and jobseekers and focus specifically on the disadvantaged. Our goal? Inclusion and equal opportunities for everyone on the labour market!

What do we offer:

Recruitment and selection

For organizations, we look for talented and motivated young people. We train and guide them to get to work quickly in one of the positions within the organization.

Training and development

In cooperation with qualified training institutes, we offer young people training and prepare them for a position on the labour market. The training courses focus not only on skills but also on values and business ethics. In this way, we prepare young people for the future and enable them to make a valuable contribution to organizations and to the development of our country.

Employment services

Within our extensive network of organizations, we look for the right job for trained young people. After placement, we stay involved and provide additional education, support or training as needed.

RightJobs Philippines Inc is a partnership between Ang Mananampalatayang Gumagawa, Inc. (AMG), AMG Skilled Hands Technological College (ASHTEC), Center for Transformation (CCT) Group of Ministries through CCT Working Hands Ministry Inc. and Job Booster Enterprises.
We are committed to inclusion and equal job opportunities for all. As a social enterprise, we focus on impact. We are able to help disadvantaged people, people with special needs and street youth. Through training and education, they are transformed into valuable employees for international organizations. As an HR recruitment agency, we offer organizations access to trained and motivated young people, who are ready to help the organizations and their country.

Summary of our business in Philippines:

We connect employers and job seekers, underprivileged young people in specific. Through training and education, we help them become valuable employees who are ready to help their employer and their country into the future. Our goal? Inclusion and equal opportunities for everyone in the labour market!

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