Adding value to job seekers in India

Adding value to job seekers in India

Charles Emanuel (37):

"Companies willingly pay a premium for the value we add to our candidates."

In a country with the largest population of young people under the age of 35, the challenges are many. With its growing population, India needs not only jobs but also, and perhaps more challenging, skilled young people to match the demand from the job market. Social enterprise Job Booster India is jumping into this gap. "We add value to our candidates."

Speaking is Charles Emanuel, CEO of Job Booster Enterprises India. "Young people are trained based on the demand in the job market. This is how we add value to job seekers. And that is appreciated: companies willingly pay a premium for the value we add to our candidates.”

Social enterprise

Contributing to India's social and economic development in an entrepreneurial way. That is the mission of Job Booster India. Disadvantaged and unreached people are an important target group. This could be a barrier for companies but nothing could be further from the truth. The working method fits well with the corporate social responsibility policy that more and more companies are developing.
Emanuel: "We are a social enterprise. Companies know that they are partnering with an organization of high ethical and moral values; which in turn positively adds to their image.”

Career coaching

The candidates who join companies through Job Booster India are motivated and qualified. Career coaching is important for the company. "We guide, motivate and track each candidate to ensure they will get a sustainable job. We keep in touch with the candidate and the company for at least three months after placement. A sustainable working relationship benefits both the company and the young person themselves." says Emanuel.

Servant entrepreneurship

With over 16 years of business experience in Human Capital & Talent Management, the role of CEO of this social enterprise suits Emanuel perfectly. What actually drives him? "With this social enterprise, we can have social and economic impact on communities and people with lesser privileges. We work with and for the community and have a positive impact on lives. That drives me. The combination of entrepreneurship and serving people is inspiring."


A network of civil society organizations, technical schools, universities, student organizations and local governments helps determine the success of Job Booster India. Emanuel:
" We majorly work in the Wage Employment space. We assist people in need of dignified and sustainable employment. We add value to our candidates in the form of upskilling, counselling, mentoring and follow-ups. Our network is crucial: they all are a contributing member in our value chain.”


This network will remain as important as ever in the future, says Emanuel. "After Covid, there is an increase in jobs, which is positive. According to the World Economic Forum, there is an increasing need for further technical training and use of new technologies. As Job Booster, we will need to identify and partner with technical institutions and motivate youth about upskilling requirements. On the other hand, we will also be developing and helping the training institutions in providing curriculum for upskilling which are demand in the job market. We already see demand in other sectors, such as consultancy and research in remote rural areas. So plenty to do, for us and our network!"

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