Technological development offers opportunities in the Philippines

Technological development offers opportunities in the Philippines

Cecile Uy (48): "The unique business proposition lies in our mission, to enrich the lives of less fortunate Filipino people."

"We live in a digital age, where technology and social media play an important role in connecting people. As an organization, we see opportunity in this to remain relevant and competitive."

Speaking is Right Jobs Philippines director Cecile Uy. "Personally, by the way, I prefer Cez." says the inspired Filipino. Cez is 48, married, and a mother of three sons. In 2022, Cez became the director of Right Jobs Philippines*. This social enterprise connects employers and job seekers, focusing specifically on the underprivileged. The goal: inclusion and equal opportunities for all in the labour market.

"I decided to join Right Jobs Philippines because I believe in the organization’s Christian values, vision, and purpose. In addition, in the past, I have had a great fondness for innovative projects. Furthermore, my skills and experience in the HR sector come in handy as employment is the core business of our organization. I, therefore, feel right at home." explains Cez.

International work experience

Cez graduated with a bachelor's degree in clinical psychology from the 'University of the East' in Manila in 1996. Before moving to Job Booster Enterprises Philippines, she gained more than 16 years of experience in HR at various medium and large organizations. Not only in the Philippines but also internationally.
"In 2011, I worked as a Regional Business Analyst for a leading company in London. I was part of a pioneering team that created and implemented the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) in the Asia Pacific." From this experience Cez learned a lot. Especially with regards to using technology in the HR field.

Unique proposition

"The unique business proposition lies in our mission, to enrich the lives of less fortunate Filipino people," says Cez. "We offer jobseekers more than just a job. Because our work offers hope and the prospect of a better life. Furthermore, our added value lies specifically in creating a better mutual bond between employers and job seekers. We want to be a game-changer in the field of employment and offer people the chance to live a dignified and prosperous life."


The number of young people with jobs in the Philippines is historically high. Cez: "Recently, our government published a report showing that more and more young people are entering employment. As of August 2022, 89.2% (some 7.64 million) of young people aged 15 to 24 had a job."
"This makes the number of young people who have a place in the labour market in the Philippines huge. They can particularly be reached through online communication channels. We, therefore, see these as a great opportunity to connect this group to us.

New initiative

“With great enthusiasm, we are therefore working on a new initiative: 'Talent-to-cart'.” Talent-to-cart connects employers and job seekers. The choices and job opportunities are unlimited within this job portal.

This technological solution will be readily used by young people, says Cez. "With 'Talent-to-cart', they have insight into available jobs anytime and anywhere."

"Through us, young people also have access to technical training, qualifications , and scholarships, among other things. Also, together with our partners, we offer career interventions to work on the spiritual, emotional, and mental capabilities of young people."


"We live in a digital age, where technology and social media play an important role in connecting us. As an organization, we see opportunities in this, which will help us stay relevant and competitive.”

“In my capacity as the director, I envision being the driver and provider of strategic direction, and significant contributions, especially innovation around flexible recruitment solutions such as the ‘Talent-to-Cart’ and Job board platforms.”

*RightJobs Philippines Inc is a collaboration between Ang Mananampalatayang Gumagawa, Inc (AMG), AMG Skilled Hands Technological College (ASHTEC), Center for Transformation (CCT) Group of Ministries through CCT Working Hands Ministry Inc and Job Booster Enterprises.

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