Festive opening Job Booster Social Enterprise Burkina Faso

Festive opening Job Booster Social Enterprise Burkina Faso

Entrepreneur Marcel PARE: "We, the young people of Burkina Faso, very much welcome this organisation."

Over 40 invited guests attended the official opening of Job Booster Enterprise Burkina Faso on 26 January in Ouagadougou. Under the watchful eye of all present, the representative of the 'Maison de L'Entreprise', Mr. Ousmane Dissa, and Mr. Victor van der Linden (Director of Job Booster Nederland BV) cut the ribbon to hand it over to Mr. Benjamin Zio (Director of Job Booster Social Enterprise Burkina Faso), declaring the social enterprise officially opened.

Among the invitees were representatives from 'Maison de l'Entreprise' (also partner of this ceremony), the European Union, the Social and Economic Council, the Ministry of Sport, Youth and Employment, the National Labour Office, education, the partner projects Job and Business Booster and Job Booster SEC, (inter)national NGOs and the business community.

The organisation is the latest addition to the Job Booster Enterprises network. The aim of the company is to ensure sustainable employability of young people so that they can contribute to society and the economic development of the country. Either in a job or as entrepreneur.


Young entrepreneur Marcel PARE: "We, the young people of Burkina Faso, very much welcome this organization. As young people we face many difficulties, both in terms of technical support and in obtaining finance. Job Booster Enterprises can help us with this."

Training and coaching

Victor van der Linden, director of Job Booster Enterprises in the Netherlands, says: "Young people can receive training here, but we also guide them towards the labour market or self-employment. We put young entrepreneurs in touch with the right bodies for financing. In addition, Job Booster offers Burkina Faso workspace, where young people can work together."

Benjamin ZIO: "We provide short training courses. For example, we help young people draw up their CVs and train them in conducting job interviews. This way we ensure that they are better positioned in the market."

Social impact

Job Booster Burkina Faso positions itself as a business. Clients pay for its services. At the same time, the company is a social enterprise with social impact as its goal. The company wants to work together with young Burkinabes to address the challenges t young people face.

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