Job Booster Enterprises

Job Booster Enterprises

Our core values

Our core values

Christian vision

Our core values

Our professionals are driven by a Christian view of life. This forms the basis of our core values.

Long-term impact

As a social enterprise, we focus on impact. We aim for long-term impact because we believe that every human being, regardless of origin, has the right to dignified work, in which gifts and talents flourish, even if this takes a long time.


We feel responsible for our clients, the talent we support and the societies in which we operate, and we expect the same from our clients. We feel and ask for this responsibility because we are convinced that, as 'stewards', organizations and young people can make a meaningful contribution to society.


We stand for quality and we ask for quality because we want people and organizations to flourish so that they are able to use their responsibility, gifts and talents in a meaningful way for society.


We are committed to inclusion because we believe that every person is created with unique gifts and talents. We strive for equal opportunities in the labour market and are therefore happy to go the extra mile for disadvantaged and underprivileged groups.

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