Job Booster Enterprises is exploring expansion to Benin, by starting a social enterprise there.

Job Booster Enterprises is exploring expansion to Benin, by starting a social enterprise there.

Presentation and meeting feasibility study

On October 13, Job Booster Enterprises organized a validation meeting of the feasibility study for this venture, which was executed by GAD Groupe Action et Developpement, a Beninese consultancy.

During the meeting, over 40 stakeholders from across the employment domain came together to familiarize themselves with the concept and future business model of the Job Booster Social enterprise as developed by Woord en Daad and Job Booster The Netherlands B.V.

The meeting allowed validating the main findings of the study regarding the trends in the labour market in Benin, an analysis of stakeholders, recommendations on partnerships and the market niche to select for the new company, its positioning and finally which organizational form work with.

Opportunities for Job Booster social enterprise in Benin

Among other things, it became clear that Benin is developing quickly and that there is much attention to (youth) employment from the Government, private sector as well as civil society and international cooperation.

A representative of the Ministry of Employment and SMEs shed light on the new national employment policy that sets out out the vision and policies aiming for fuller employment.

Although the official unemployment rate is low, underemployment is estimated at 76%. Coupled with a young population and many new entrants to the job market each year, clearly there is a need for a concerted effort to roll this back.

Commitment to job opportunities and entrepreneurship

Job Booster Enterprises aims to make its contribution by providing quality entrepreneurship support and job placement services and become a role model for employment agencies that target the poor.


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