"I see this role as an opportunity to bring positive change in Benin."

"I see this role as an opportunity to bring positive change in Benin."

Ifêdé Sylvain Djagbo, driving force behind Job Booster Benin

"I see this role as an opportunity to bring positive change in Benin."

Since October 2023, Ifêdé Sylvain Djagbo has been the director of our new enterprise Job Booster Benin. After preparing the start-up of the enterprise as a consultant, he is now leading the enterprise to be a driving force for positive change in Benin. Sylvain is recognized for his diversified skills in the field of economic and social development.

Sylvain explains he grew up in a humble and modest family in Benin: “I experienced starvation and rejection in my youth. From a young age, I was faced with a difficult economic reality, pushing me to do all kinds of jobs to finance my studies. Those challenges strengthened my commitment to pursue my academic dreams.”

Economic challenges

Sylvain completed two degrees before starting his career as an economist. This gave him an understanding of the economic challenges of Benin and Africa in general. “Before joining Job Booster Social Enterprise, I had the opportunity to work as an independent consultant with several organizations. In 2019 I started my own organization called Economic Expertise and Action Research for Sustainable Development (ECORAD). As a consultant, my role consisted of providing expertise in in-depth economic analysis and strategic advice to various organizations and also supporting companies in fulfilling their missions. This allowed me to refine my project management skills and develop a pragmatic approach to solving complex challenges.”

An opportunity to catalyze change

“The current position of director within Job Booster Social Enterprise is of particular importance to me”, Djagbo explains. “I feel intimately linked to its objectives and mission. This work is special because it allows me to put my skills into practice and actively contribute to the socio-economic development of Benin. I see this role as an exceptional opportunity to catalyze change through innovative initiatives. My goal is to make a significant contribution to the growth and sustainability of Job Booster Benin, while fostering a positive and lasting impact on young people and on the community. For me, this work represents much more than just a professional occupation. It embodies the culmination of my commitment to economic and social development, providing a platform where I can realize my ideals and bring real added value to society.”

Growth of individuals and businesses

“As director of Job Booster Benin, I implement innovative strategies to catalyze social and professional change in Benin. I am determined to share my knowledge to support the growth and success of individuals and businesses. I am therefore more than committed to making a significant contribution to business growth and empowerment of entrepreneurs. My vision for the future is to continue to play an active role in shaping a dynamic economic landscape in Benin, while contributing to sustainable and inclusive development.”

An integrated approach

Sylvain: “The added value of Job Booster in Benin lies in its unique combination of holistic approaches to economic and social development. Unlike other initiatives, Job Booster takes an integrated approach that goes beyond simple job creation. As director of Job Booster Social Enterprise Benin, I look to the future with optimism and determination, with the conviction that the company will play a crucial role in the development of employment opportunities for young people in our country. I see a future where young people in Benin are not just passive participants in the job market, but dynamic and innovative actors. I want to see a transition to a thriving economy, fueled by creativity and entrepreneurship of young people, where every individual has the opportunity to realize their potential.

A promising future

The future I envision for employment opportunities for young people in Benin is centered on empowerment, innovation and inclusion. Job Booster Social Enterprise Benin will be a key catalyst for this transformation, acting as a bridge between young people's aspirations and specific opportunities for professional growth. We will not only witness the development of youth employment, but also actively contribute to this promising future.”