Job Booster Enterprise launches venture in Benin

Job Booster Enterprise launches venture in Benin

Job Booster Social Enterprise Benin opened its doors in October 2023. Under the name Job Booster Benin and led by director Sylvain Djagbo, the enterprise is committed to addressing unemployment challenges in the country. Job Booster Benin aims to promote dignified employment and entrepreneurship of young people and women in Benin, boosting the country's economic and social development.

The vision is to make Benin a prosperous country where every individual has access to fair and dignified employment opportunities and an environment conducive to entrepreneurship for young people and women. Job Booster Benin does this by providing innovative solutions adapted to employment challenges, creating sustainable employment opportunities and supporting the growth of entrepreneurship.

Job Booster Benin offers a full range of services, including professional support, training and employment support. It also includes skills development for both young people and players on the labour market and support for entrepreneurship. In addition, there is a commitment to social innovation, the promotion of equal opportunities and respect for the environment. Help in mobilising funding is also among the possibilities. In doing so, Job Booster Benin relies on a network of local partners, including companies, training institutions, civil society organisations and local governments.

Job Booster Benin is an entity affiliated to Job Booster Nederland BV, founded in 2019 by Stichting Woord en Daad.